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Harris, Corra (1869 - 1935) - Read online and download ebooks

There are ebooks for online reading by Harris, Corra on this page. Also you can read a biography of writer Harris, Corra.

Corra Mae Harris (1869 - 1935), an American writer, was born Corra Mae White in Elbert County, Georgia. Her formal education was limited to teacher training at nearby female academies, though she never graduated from any of the schools she attended. In 1887 she married Methodist minister and educator Lundy Howard Harris (1858-1910). They had one child survive to adulthood, a daughter she named Faith (1887-1919). For roughly two decades Harris struggled through various personal tragedies, including a troubled marriage; the loss through death of two infant sons; scandal and humiliation surrounding the abandonment, betrayal, and return of her husband in 1898 and his public confessions of adultery; the financial destitution resulting from the loss of his teaching position at Emory College; his suicide in 1910; her daughter’s death in 1919; and her sister’s death shortly after that. Harris remained a widow until her death 25 years after her husband’s. She outlived her daughter by 16 years....

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