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MacKaye, Harold Steele (1866 - 1928) - Read online and download ebooks

There are ebooks for online reading by MacKaye, Harold Steele on this page. Also you can read a biography of writer MacKaye, Harold Steele.

Benton MacKaye (pronounced /mæˈkaɪ/ mak-KYE) (March 6, 1879 – Dec. 11, 1975) was an American forester, planner and conservationist. Born in Stamford, Connecticut, MacKaye's father was actor and dramatist Steele MacKaye. After studying forestry at Harvard University (B.A., 1900; M.A. School of Forestry, 1905), Benton later taught there for several years. He joined a number of Federal bureaus and agencies, including the U.S. Forest Service, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the U.S. Department of Labor; he was also was a member of the Technical Alliance where he participated in the Energy Survey of North America.[1]...

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The Panchronicon