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Nansen, Fridtjof (1861 - 1930) - Read online and download ebooks

There are ebooks for online reading by Nansen, Fridtjof on this page. Also you can read a biography of writer Nansen, Fridtjof.

Fridtjof Wedel-Jarlsberg Nansen (10 October 1861 – 13 May 1930) was a Norwegian explorer, scientist, diplomat, humanitarian and Nobel laureate. He made the first crossing of the Greenland interior in 1888, and won international fame after his North Pole expedition of 1893–96, during which he reached a record northern latitude of 86°13'. He made innovative use of polar equipment and travel techniques, and although he retired from exploration after his return to Norway in 1896, he influenced a generation of subsequent Arctic and Antarctic expeditions....

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