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Simpson, Evelyn Blantyre (1856 - 1920) - Read online and download ebooks

There are ebooks for online reading by Simpson, Evelyn Blantyre on this page. Also you can read a biography of writer Simpson, Evelyn Blantyre.

Eve Blantyre Simpson (1855-1920) was the daughter of Professor James Young Simpson, who popularised the use of chloroform as an anaesthetic. She wrote biographies of her father and of Robert Louis Stevenson. She also wrote a notable book on folk-lore in Scotland which refers to the early traditions such as beltane. She was born on 15th December 1855 in Edinburgh and her mother was Jessie Grindlay. (She was christened 'Eve' and not 'Evelyn'.) She remained unmarried and died of liver cancer on 23rd January 1920 at Edinburgh....

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