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    1. Libraries along the Coast

    Study tour no 1 will take us to Helsingborg and Höganäs, two towns along the west coast of Sweden.

    The library in Helsingborg is situated in a park in the centre of the town. In the public library they have a special environmental library – a centre for environmental information, where they also offer exhibitions and lectures. In Helsingborg we tour the library and learn more about the environmental collection and their collaboration with other administrations in the local community. 
    Höganäs is a small town famous for its ceramic traditions. The library is situated on the main shopping street and the staff work very successfully with different author events like author presentations and lectures. They also have a new, small library buss which will be used, among other things, to promote the library at the beaches and campsites in the municipality.

    2. Libraries in the interior of Skåne

    Enjoy the inner part of Skåne through a trip in a varied landscape with beautiful surroundings.

    Klippan is a small municipality with a school community library built in 1973. The library has worked successfully with a small budget through the years and since 2005 the art gallery is integrated with the library. In Klippan we’ll have coffee and we’ll also visit the outlet connected to the wool factory – a possibility to buy yarn and blankets.

    The second visit is to Hässleholm a small Swedish town committed to culture. The Kulturhus, which this year celebrates ten years contains the library, exhibition hall, cinema and many stages. The study tour ends with a short visit to Hovdala slott, a nearly 500 year old castle. It has a beautiful park with exhibitions.

    3. Libraries in the Garden of Skåne

    Study tour no 3 goes to Österlen, the garden of Skåne, where we will visit the two small towns Tomelilla and Simrishamn.

    Tomelilla library shares its location with the art museum and tourist information and in the basement they have a quite unique jazz archive. Simrishamn library lies in a beautiful building near the harbour. In Simrishamn we will have the opportunity to learn more about the collaboration between the Simrishamn and Tomelilla, a collaboration which include a joint library catalogue.

    Before the return to Malmö we will have some time to explore the picturesque centre of Simrishamn.

    4. Small but great Libraries in south west

    In the expansive part of the south west of Skåne we’ll visit three small, quite newly built and architecturally interesting libraries, which work as meeting places for the inhabitants.

    In Lomma, a small coastal town, the beautiful library lies next to the marina. In Veberöd, a village in the countryside, the library lies in the centre of the village. Since November 2020 the library has extended access through unstaffed opening hours. You can visit the library in evenings and on weekends using your library card or fingerprint. In the center of Höllviken, the brand new library opened last year.

    The study tour will end by passing through the Western Harbour of Malmö where, among other quite new spectacular buildings, you’ll find the Turning Torso and the skate board area Stapelbäddsparken. If you want, it is a nice walk on your own back to the town centre.

    5. Library safari in Malmö

    On this tour you get to visit three city district libraries with very different character in the city of Malmö. Participants on this tour can ask themselves: What’s a library? – and get three very different answers to that question.

    Garaget (opened 2 years ago) is an experimental scene where the activities are driven by the needs of the visitors themselves. Traditions are challenged and a new identity for the library and, perhaps even more important, the librarian is searched for. The facilities (a wide open space, a former factory) the staff and all the resources are tools meant to strengthen citizen dialogue and creativity. 
    Limhamn library, situated close to the sea, provides a calm meeting atmosphere although the visit numbers are high. The Library is located in the pleasant main street, between the pharmacy and a bank. The educational level of the citizens is high.  There is a large influx of families in the city district, and the library focuses mainly on activities for children. 
    Rosengård library, situated in the middle of a shopping mall built in the late sixties, is a multi-cultural meeting place. 86 % of the inhabitants have a foreign background and the unemployment rate is high. This makes the library a very important place for the citizens. The activities are focused on the learning process for both children and adults, how the library can contribute to integration, participation and self-esteem through dialogue and culture.

    The study tour will end by passing through the Western Harbour of Malmö where, among other quite new spectacular buildings, you’ll find the Turning Torso and the skate board area Stapelbäddsparken. If you want, it is a nice walk on your own back to the town centre.

    6. Library safari in Malmö interpreted to Spanish

    Register here if you like to participate in the study tour in Malmö and prefer to have it interpreted into Spanish.