General information

You book your hotel at . 
You can also book at the youth hostel, STF Hostel Malmö City, English, Search for Malmö City.
Click on Hotel map (pdf-file) to view hotels close to the conference venues.

The trip from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö Central Station takes approximately 20 minutes and single fare is 105 SEK (about 11 Euro, 15 USD, February 2010), if you buy it at the airport. Train tickets can be purchased either at the vending machine or at the DSB booth. Both of these are conveniently located in the arrival hall and just a few meters away from the escalator to the platform.

If you arrive at Sturup Airport it will take you about 40 minutes to reach Malmö by bus, 109 SEK, and about 20 minutes by taxi, about 400 SEK.

Each participant will receive a name badge upon registration.

In August, the average daytime temperature is around 19 C (66 F).

The official Swedish currency is the Swedish Krona (SEK). Exchange rates as at February 2010 for the Krona are about ten Krona to a Euro or seven Krona to a US Dollar.
The conference in Malmö will be held in English.
Swedish is the national language.

City of Malmö
Region Skåne

The conference will take place in Malmö City Library on Sunday 8 August 2010. The library is located in the centre of Malmö and easy to reach by taxi or by walk.
During Monday 9 August the conference will take place at Malmö University which also is located in the centre of town.

Time Zone
Sweden is in the Central European Time. The difference between Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) and the time in Malmö and Gothenburg is +1.